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Chase Grabowski

Actor - Singer - Musician

About Me

From Wisconsin, with love. 

Chase Grabowski is a vocalist, actor, and musician from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Chase graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay with degrees in both Vocal Performance and Business Administration. In his time there, he was announced the 


winner of the 2023 Kennedy Center American Collegiate Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Musical Theatre Intensive Region III Competition along with being the recipient of the 2023 Open Jar Institute Creative Artist Award, which was given out at the KCACTF National Musical Theatre Intensive Competition. In addition to those achievements, other achievements include being a two-time KCACTF Irene Ryan Nominee, a two-time KCACTF Musical Theatre Intensive Nominee and being selected twice to perform in the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Music Program Honors Recital. 


Growing up in the small town of Marinette, WI, theatre and music weren’t necessarily encouraged; sports were the main focus. And while he loved sports, he always felt the need to perform, whether it was being the class clown in grade school, offering to read parts in plays that were read in English class, or offering to emcee the school assemblies. This eventually came to a head when the fateful day where he was given detention for being late to math class too many times, and as “torture”, the math teacher played Frank Sinatra as a punishment for kids. Naturally, Chase thinking he was the only one in the room decided that he would sing a little Sinatra since he loved his music growing up. But however, the student body president of the choir walked in, and forced Chase to audition for the musical since he heard him sing, and from there, the rest is history. Chase discovered his purpose in life and has committed his life to the arts.

When Chase is not performing/directing staged musicals/plays, he spends a lot of his time as a vocalist for multiple different bands within the Northeastern Wisconsin area (The Michigan Shivers, The Fusion Xpress Orchestra, FBI & The Untouchable Horns). In his free time, he enjoys weight lifting, distance running, playing/watching baseball/football, umpiring for the local youth baseball and softball teams, playing video games, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family. 



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